Who am I?

My name is Adam and I’ve been leading worship for the last 15 years.

I lead worship at an average sized church, in an averaged size town who feels blessed in above average ways by a never average God.

I spent several years out of the USA as a worship leader and missionary. I came home and led worship at several churches in the Seattle area, and helped plant Calvary:Arlington where I was the music director and helped establish the worship ministry.

I’m now a pastor at Cornerstone Ministries in Napa, CA. Worship leading isn’t in my job description but they let me do it anyway.

Although my background in worship leading is primarily from the Calvary Chapel churches, I have led worship at Baptist churches and Pentecostal churches, at churches with traditional liturgy and churches that couldn’t even spell liturgy, and I feel I’m much the better for it.

I’m a Contributing Writer at the Church Collective , and stuff I write on this blog is often featured on the WorshipLinks blog. Check them out.

I live in Napa, Ca with my wife and sons.

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    1. Hey Shannon!

      Thanks for reading the blog! glad you like it.

      If you’e signed into WordPress there’s a menu bar up on top of the page with a “follow” option that I think should do it for you.


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