Gear Review: El Capistan dTape Delay

This article is part of The Month Of Delay at the Real World Worship blog. All throughout the month of March we will be looking at different aspects of the delay effect in worship music.

BRAND: Strymon

MODEL: El Capistan dTape Delay. The El Cap is Styrmon’s attempt to make the ultimate recreation of vintage magnetic tape delays possible. It’s really 3 types of delay in one: Single head, Multi-head, and Fixed-head Tape delay with the ability to get Magnetic Drum sounds to boot. Think the Echoplex, Space Echo, and Echorec all rolled into one pedal.

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Every so often I like to look over the Google searches that bring people to this blog. It’s interesting what people look for, and what brings them my way. There are a few great questions, and a few ridiculous questions. What questions are people who stumble upon this blog asking? Let’s find out.

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The Electric: Setting Up Your Reverb For Worship

In this series I try and address different aspects of the practical side of playing electric guitar in church music. This week we’ll talk about setting up your reverb effects for a worship service.

Reverb is essentially a “space” effect in that it both recreates the sounds of a “space” (room, hall, church, etc) but also because it fills in the space between the notes and chords we play. What is reverb? How do you dial it in for playing music at church, and which type do you choose?

If you’ve ever been a large hall or church and yelled loudly, you’ve heard your voice crash and echo off the walls. That non-linear delayed echo is reverberation, or reverb. There are essentially 3 different types of reverb: Room. Spring. Plate. All can be very useful in a church setting.

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