Gear Thoughts: The MXR Carbon Copy

This article is part of The Month Of Delay at the Real World Worship blog. All throughout the month of March we will be looking at different aspects of the delay effect in worship music.

Editor’s Note: Normally, I wouldn’t do a write up on a piece of gear that I’ve never played. Even if I have played or used something, if I haven’t had enough time with it I won’t review it because I really want to know what I’m talking about. But since we are in the Month of Delay, I’m making exception and writing down thoughts on delay pedals that I’ve only played a few times or have only heard YouTube demos of, so please take these for what they are.


I love MXR. I’ve never come across an MXR pedal I didn’t like, and their Carbon Copy analog delay doesn’t seem to break that trend.

The Carbon Copy is a bucket brigade, analog delay that features built in modulation. I admit I’ve never played on, so everything I’m going to write is based on other reviews and YouTube clips. The pedal costs $150 new and is available just about everywhere.

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