Have you ever looked a piece of equipment and read a review online or watched a YouTube clip? Most of the time, they’ll be dealing with the gear in a secular musical context, bars, cover bands, etc. Our reviews will be done with the goal of putting the gear in a worship context, to help you decide if it’s right for you.

There are two realities to our reviews. 1. Most of the traffic that this blog generates is from electric guitar players. I write about other stuff, but posts about electric guitar and related things in worship is by far the thing that people look for here. 2. I’m going to talk more about electric stuff because I just will. I’ll also probably look at a worship record here and there.


We are going to look at a general overview of the gear. The Pros, the cons, and how it can be used in a church setting. I might post a video here or there, but the goal isn’t a gear demo, as much as a “can i use this in church” post.


I feel like I need to state the obvious: I am not sponsored by or in anyway affiliated with any of the company’s who’s gear I will review.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t be bought 🙂 If any one wants to send me gear to review then by all means send it my way!

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