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  1. Hey there,
    I’ve just been starting out on electric. Been finding your posts under electric guitar informative and a great reminder that the whole point is to glorify Jesus and serve the church. Keep up the faithful work.

  2. Not sure if you have found one to try, but VFE makes some very tweakable pedals that are quite nice sounding. Jet City Music jetcitymusic.com is a boutique pedal supplier that has some excellent videos. I use the Blues King as the base pedal in my chain, along with a Choral Reef chorus for a bit of extra sound reinforcement at times. Also use a TC Electronics MojoMojo for higher gain. All are paired with a Fender Jaguar MP (Fender P90s, very versatile guitar) and a Gretsch 5422-12 Electromatic. Primary amp is a Carvin SX 300H and Carvin 2X12 short stack. The 3 channel amp provides a considerable range of sounds with some onboard effects. Our praise band plays a wide range of music, so overall versatility is quite important. Also have a Tele with an EMG T set and an Epi Les Paul fitted with Seymour Duncans for specific needs.

  3. flavio trif

    hi everyone,
    i have a question for you, the Fulltone Distortion Pro…it’s a good pedal for worship? or ypu prefer an other overdrive pedal?

    thank you..

    1. Hey Flavio,

      well, it’s not an overdrive pedal. It’s a distortion, which can make a difference. I’ve never played the DP but it doesn’t have great reviews. I do however love most of what Fulltone puts out. I’ve got their Plimsoul OD/Distortion pedal and I’ve owned (twice) their GT-500 Distortion/OD which is really a great distortion pedal with a boost circuit. So here’s some thoughts.

      1. Trust your ears. You know what you’ll like. The Fulltone OCD is very popular and I’ve never liked it. It’s not that I’m wrong or right, it’s just a preference. If you like the sound of the DP then it’ll work for you.

      2. Go with what’ll work for your church. Distortion pedals can be too much, even for churches that are ok with gain pedals and rock music. The youtube clips I heard made me think that the DP was geared towards more 80’s rock than anything else.

      3. Personally, if it’s a Fulltone and distortion you’re after, I recommend the Plimsoul because you can switch between and blend the soft clipping stage 1 (Overdrive) and hard clipping stage 2 (distortion). And you can choose between 9v and 18v power which really makes a difference.

      Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any more questions or email me HERE

  4. Ethan LArios

    Hello Adam Im a fairly intermediate electric guitarist (2 years playing) I currently own a epiphone lp 100 and a digitech rp 500 going into a ….. line6 amp.. Im looking forward to begin buying better gear, because im very unhappy with my tone. Ive been looking into telecaster guitars and i like their sound also ive been looking at fender amps like the blues jr and i found out i like the sound but i want to open my spectrum of possibilites so what do you recommend?

    Im looking for a hillsong type tone

    Thank You and God Bless

  5. Robert Smith

    I just read your post on JHS. I think, having followed the controversy since the very beginning, that you may have missed a few nuances:

    First off, I’m a moderately knowledgeable hack that plays in church as one of my outlets. I’ve built my own pedals, I can read a schematic and I’ve followed effects building since the early 90s. When JHS first arrived on the scene there was quite a bit of controversy since his first 10 products or so were pretty direct rips of other people’s work (http://www.freestompboxes.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=18293&hilit=jhs). At that time he was concealing his sources and claiming de novo production of the circuits. I suspect that his open-ness about some new products (like the Kilt being an Expandora clone) is based on the reaction that he got to this early on.

    The claim that JHS somehow gets a worse ride than other folks involved in pedal building is not, in my experience, true. Others whose early work is primarily cloning and concealing sources have also been ridden pretty hard (check out freestompboxes postings on Lovepedal, as an example, or BJF, or Zvex). Analogman is different in that he’s always been honest and up-front about what he’s doing. Same with Peter at VFE. Also, both of them are obviously very knowledgeable about what they’e doing when they design a pedal.

    Which brings me to the workmanship thing. From his early postings on FSB, and the build quality of the early pedals, it seems clear that Josh is not an EE. That he’s a hobbyist that “went pro”. Wrapping his advertising in verbiage emphasizing R&D and new designs resulted in some contempt from the DIY community. Where things get interesting is that suddenly, about 3 or 4 years ago, things changed at JHS. They were designing really complicated (Panther, Panther cub) or really innovative (Colour Box, Kilt, Mufaletta) products! My attitude to Josh changed somewhere in there. I doubt that he got an EE degree, but he’s found a partner who, while silent, is a kick butt designer and all props to him. The current PCBs are well done, commercial SMD and thru hole-good work!

    It’s in the hand and custom work that we get back to JHS sloppy roots. Please see: http://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/think-through-before-you-send-your-pedals-to-jhs-for-a-mod-recase-rehouse.1772434/. The work was ill-advised, badly done, and the person who commissioned it was blown off with a wholly inadequate response. In the end Josh did the right thing, but it’s the whiff of snake oil in the “we’re a great company that can do anything” and then turn out product that shows so much ignorance of basic electronic principles as the pedal that the OP got back, and then start by stone-walling him. JHS will no longer do rehouses, that’s a good result and will insulate them from criticism because they DO have their act together in getting good designs of mostly innovative products manufactured in a competent way. I can respect the JHS company, I just feel uncomfortable with Josh!

    1. Hi Robert,

      thanks for commenting… I appreciate the time you took to write all this out… could you copy and paste it to the actual JHS thread? I’d prefer to respond there so everyone can be in on the conversation.

      If you’d like to dialogue privately, this page is for contacting me via email 🙂

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