Can A Non-Believer Be On The Worship Team?

I thought this was worth reposting…

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Someone is going to read the title of this post and think to themselves: “Of course not! Who would think that is a good idea”. While someone else will think: “Why not? I know someone who did this or that and it worked out just fine”. The answer to this question really does not depend on what you think, or what I think. As with all things, our answer to this or any question should be ‘What does God think?’ This is why having the Bible, God’s word to humanity, as our final authority is so important. So let’s talk about this. In a day and age when churches hire musicians from outside the church, some who aren’t even christians, does God have anything to say on the subject of Non-Christians and Worship Leading?

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The Electric: The Best Amp For Worship Leading

In this series I try and address different aspects of the practical side of playing electric guitar in church music. This week we’ll talk about finding the best amp for worship.

Almost daily someone does a google search for “the best” whatever for worship (amp, guitar, pedal, etc). Less frequently but still regularly I’m asked the same question in some form or another. Usually I give an honest dodge and say something like “there’s no such thing as ‘the best’, only what’s best for you, so you need to do your homework.” Today won’t be much different. I’m not going to tell you what THE best amp is. Instead I want to give you a frame work to make your choice.

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Just Say Thank You

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One of the things I had to learn when I started leading worship was how to take a compliment. God is gracious to use us as tools and instruments to bless and minister to his church, the people then in turn will often respond to the ministry and the minister with a thankful heart. How we respond to this makes all the difference in the world, both for us, and for the church we serve.

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Be Our Guest

I wrote this post last year but thought it was a good topic to revisit.
Sometimes I read over thing I wrote in the early days of the blog and think “hmm, I don’t disagree, but I wouldn’t write it that way again,” or if I do disagree I’ll take the old post down (I think that happened once) and write a new version.
For this post on Guest Leading at another church, I was pleased to find that I wanted to change nothing.

Real World Worship

This last weekend I was blessed and privileged to be the guest worship leader at a church I’d never been to before. So I thought it would be a worthwhile topic to address in this forum.


If you think that it’s just the same as a normal Sunday at your church you’ll be in for a surprise. The set up will be different. The band, the sound, the lights, the crowd, they’ll all be different too. Be prepared for the unexpected.

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A bit of house keeping on the Blog today. Starting today, the Real World Worship Blog can now be found at RealWorldWorship.Org.

For most of you this won’t change a thing. You either subscribe to the blog via WordPress or see posts through Social Media links or Google searches. All that has really changed is that the new web address will link to the same old WordPress page thats always been here. But I thought it was worth mentioning, if nothing else it makes it easier to tell people the name of the blog.




The Electric: U2 and Modern Worship

As Part of our Month Of Delay here at RWW, thought this would be an interesting post to revisit.

Real World Worship

Each Week I’ll try and address different aspects of the practical side of playing electric guitar in church music.

This week we’ll talk about worship bands, U2 and Ripping off The Edge.

The Edge

David Evans more widely known at “The Edge” is the guitar player from the band U2. If you don’t know who U2 is you have my permission to crawl out of the rock you’ve been living under for the last 30 years and download “Where the Streets Have No Name”,”Desire”, “Bad”, “With or Without You” and “Crumbs From Your Table” as a sample of the different eras of the Edge’s playing. Also watch the music video for “Streets have no Name” because its awesome.

Modern Worship Music: Just Rip Off U2?

Ever hear someone make a statement like that? Ever make that statement yourself? The reason that people make the comparison is that many worship bands…

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Gear Review: Kilobyte Delay

Photo on 3-7-14 at 1.54 PM #4

This article is part of The Month Of Delay at the Real World Worship blog. All throughout the month of March we will be looking at different aspects of the delay effect in worship music.

 BRAND: Caroline Guitar Co.

MODEL: Kilobyte LoFi Delay

COST: $199


PROS: A worship guitarists needs versatility on their rig. Never more so than with their delay pedal. I can do almost everything with the Kilobyte. Rythmic/U2 delay. Slapback rockabilly/country. Ambient/atmospheric delay. This pedal can cover a LOT of ground sonically. (The pic above shows me and my Kilobyte with my settings at U2-ish).

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In this series I try and address different aspects of the practical side of playing electric guitar in church music. This week we’ll talk about 5 steps to getting better tone from your rig.

Most of us are obsessed with our tone on some level. How do we get a better tone? Is it our gear? What changes do I need to make? What steps should I take. This week I throw out a few quick ideas that have helped me along the way.

While everything I write here is just my opinion, many of these opinions have been formed from hard learned lessons. So lets talk about getting better tone in 5 simple(ish) steps:

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The Electric: How Much Do Pedals Really Cost?

In this series I try and address different aspects of the practical side of playing electric guitar in church music. This week we’ll talk about the real cost and value of the gear with use to serve the church.

This isn’t really a post about worship music, but the topic of how much a pedal or piece of music gear really costs to make comes every so often on guitar forums and blogs, even ones for worship guitarists, and it annoys me, and it’s my blog, so I’m gonna right about it, and I’m going to use as many run-on sentences as I want 🙂

My goal is besides getting my pet peeves off my chest is to dispel myths and misconceptions to give folks a realistic view of how much it really costs to produce the gear we love.

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He Has Considered Us Faithful (1 Timothy 1:12-14)

“I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has strengthened me, because He considered me faithful, putting me into service, even though I was formerly a blasphemer and a persecutor and a violent aggressor. Yet I was shown mercy because I acted ignorantly in unbelief; and the grace of our Lord was more than abundant, with the faith and love which are found in Christ Jesus.”

Timothy 1:12-14

I love this part of the Bible. Paul shares his story. How Jesus saved him. How Jesus sought him. How Jesus forgave him.

What’s your story? What has God done in your life? Paul was self righteous. Paul was a “good man”. Paul kept all the rules. Paul was also a murderer. Paul was a blasphemer. Paul persecuted the church.

Yet Jesus counted him as faithful and put him into service.

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