Why Don’t More Church Guitarist Use Fractal Modelers?

If you spend time in Worship Guitarist gear groups you’ll quickly find that there are two camps among those who use digital guitar gear: Kemper or Helix. But if you do a search on YouTube for Kemper vs. Helix, you’ll find that there is a third high quality option: the Fractal AXE FX variants and the all-in-one FX8 and AX8.

Why isn’t the Fractal option a more popular choice among church players? I talk about it in this video.

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Is There A Right Guitar For Worship Leading?

While I primarily talk about electric guitars, I think the principles would apply to most other types of instruments and gear.

The question comes up for what I think are very good reasons: people want to get the best tool for the job. But is there such a thing?

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Gear Thoughts: Should I Upgrade The Pickups In My Guitar?

In this video I talk about upgrading or changing styles of guitar pickups in electric guitars.

This is an especially popular idea among players who own entry to mid-level guitars. Get your $500 guitar to sound just like a $2000 guitar is the promise, but does it actually work like that?

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Should I Upgrade My Guitar For Leading Worship?

In this video I discuss ideas and thoughts around upgrading your guitar for leading worship.

Even though I focus on electric guitar, the concepts and principles are applicable to all gear choices in and out of church setting.


Gear Thoughts: JHS Pulp N Peel V4

I love compressors! I love the Pulp N Peel!

It’s a compressor, a DI, an EQ, a gain pedal and so much more!

This is a great pedal for not only electric players but acoustic guitar and bass as well!

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Titan Guitars KR-1 Review


My review of the Titan Guitars KR-1. It’s a fantastic guitar, handmade here in the USA by bearded wizards. With its swimming pool body route, the KR-1 can be anything you need it to be by switching out loaded Pickguards.

Check out Titan Guitars and see what I’m so excited about!