My Worship Pedalboard

Every so often I get asked in the comments what kind of gear I use on a Sunday morning. While certain things change from time to time, I’ve been consistent over the years with a Fender Telecaster and a Tube Amp (currently my beloved Benson Monarch.)

Below is a quick rundown of my main rig. It’s a rig made up of compromises. Since it’s not the biggest in size, I can’t have everything I want, so these pedals are compromises that allow me to get the sounds I need within the constraints I have set before me.


If you have any questions/comments please leave them below:

One thought on “My Worship Pedalboard

  1. MT

    Had 2 of the Boss PS-2 switching power supplies fail at $25/pop. I bought a $5 DC-DC converter off ebay with a nifty LED display for output power. I can use any DC power supply, like one for a PC & adjust the voltage which outputs 2A. It has a small microprocesser so handles pedal swap to keep output voltage constant. I put it in a small plastic enclosure on my board so I can see the output. It’s crazy to pay $100-200 for the same thing in a large package. It also has polarity protection. I am doing a 2nd one for & have pigtail male/female in/out 9V connectors for swapping. I may pain VOODOO on the plastic enclosure to make a statement.

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