Life Update: Where We’ve Been, Where We Are Going

I’ve been pretty silent on here for a while. Almost 4 years ago my family and I moved from our home near Seattle to serve on staff at a great church in California. Sadly, in April of this year I found out that my time at the church was ending and in November we moved back to Washington State to take some time off and figure out our next step. There’s no scandal or big secret; we just had different visions going forward and how can the two walk together unless they are agreed? (Amos 3:3)

I wouldn’t trade the last few years for anything. The personal growth, the experiences, and most importantly the relationships we built mean more than I can express. Additionally, it is fair to say that we wouldn’t be getting the consideration we’ve received and are receiving for certain positions going forward without having this time in California on our resume. That’s not to say the past few years haven’t been difficult and its definitely shown in the production level (or lack thereof) on this blog. I honestly haven’t had it in my to write anything and the seven posts I’ve put out this year were often just me forcing myself to write something, anything.

Going forward, we feel fairly certain that I’m called to move into a Lead Pastor role. I’m not holding out for management, and if the right staff pastor position came open we’d be stoked. But for the time being we are seeking the Lord as to whether we should take on an existing church or plant a new work. In the meantime God has been providing for us in some amazing ways and our faith continues to be built up. I also hope to write a bit more on here and make use of this time God has given us.

For readers of this blog, thanks for your support and continued readership. I hope past articles have been helpful and that future ones will be even more so.

For Facebook friends who clicked on the link, thanks for friendship and your prayers.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Adam at RealWorldWorship.Org


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