I’m sorry Brian Wampler

Without question, the most widely read post I’ve ever written in this blog’s four year history is The People Vs. JHS. I mean, like, it’s not even close. That post has had multiple thousands more reads then the next closest article, and it shows no sign of stopping.

If you found this blog from that post and have kept reading, then I welcome you.

In the comment section of that post I mentioned that other builders have taken modded clones and passed them off as originals (I’m looking at you Fulltone 😉 but others like Vertex have been guilty of the same thing.) Anyway, in that comment I said in passing that Brian Wampler had done the same thing with the Ego Compressor. I was wrong and I apologize.

This statement was based on this video:

At the start of the video he says the Ego is a circuit he’d designed… but then apparently my ears stopped working because a short time later he fully acknowledges that the foundation of the pedal is an MXR/Ross style compression that he’s tweaked and heavily modded to make it its own thing.

I don’t know Brian Wampler personally. He mentioned this site on his podcast recently and since I’ve been a listener from the beginning it was really cool to hear my name and my blog mentioned. But I feel bad because I wrote something incorrect about a builder I respect. He’s one of the good guys. He’s definitely one of the smart guys and you should check out his stuff, which is all high quality and super usable in just about any setting, church or not.

So, I’m sorry Brian. I’ll do better, and I think I’ve done better. Keep making rad things!

On a totally unrelated note… there’s a song called Jesus Loves You Brian Wilson which popped into my head as I wrote this and I’m gonna leave it here because it’s my blog and I can:


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