I started “blogging” over 10 years ago. I think I started on blogspot and it wasn’t anything memorable. Then MySpace came along, and people seemed to connect with things I wrote on their blog feature. After that was all over I kept a personal WordPress blog for a number of years that got little to no traffic outside of a few friends. Then, around 2011, I began to write with growing frequency about worship leading, which at that point been one of my primary areas of ministry for over a decade. More and more I found that my blog had become bipolar, split between random streams of thought and one continual subject: worship leading.

Part of this split personality in my writing was a reaction to my own personal searching. I was looking through other blogs, websites and podcasts, trying to find anyone who was writing about the questions I was asking or the issues I was facing as a worship leader. Sadly, there wasn’t much out there. The resources that are so common now just didn’t exist. It’s not that there weren’t podcasts or websites devoted to the subject, but few to none that spoke to me or my issues.

So in 2012 I created a new blog, solely dedicated to the practical and spiritual elements of leading a church in worship. Almost 4 years and 200 posts later, here we are.


I’ve been able to do some things that wouldn’t have been possible without writing here at Real World Worship. Here are a few highlights from the last 200 posts and things that came from this blog:


The truth is that I wouldn’t be a part of the Church Collective without this blog. I’m really grateful for Ryan & Ben and the ministry they founded. It’s a great resource to the church at large and I highly recommend it to you.


I’ve really enjoyed being able to interact with many of you in the comments section, via email and a few of folks in person. I hope and pray that this connection will continue and grow, especially in the comments section.

One of the great highlights of this blog was the chance two years ago to do a seminar for churches in the Dalles, Oregon. Additionally, I’ve been able to consult and advise remotely for a few churches and worship leaders. I would love to do more of this in the future as the Lord and my day job allow.



Paul said to Timothy “Do the work of an evangelist”(2 Timothy 4:5). When I started this blog, I thought I was doing awesome if 10 people read it. The audience has since grown quite a bit, to the point where we had over 50,000 individual visits this last year alone. The reason I quote Paul, and the advice I would give after 200 blog posts is to Do The Work, whatever that work is. Whether you are a bass player, a Sunday School teacher, a mother, a vocalist, someone learning their instrument or an aspiring blogger… Do The Work, whatever that work is.

4 years ago I felt led to blog about what I knew, what I was learning and what I had seen. That takes work and time. I’m not from a large ministry, I don’t have name recognition, but I did the work.

That’s my advice to you and a challenge to me. 2015 saw my highest audience but also my lowest content output. I’m refocusing and challenging myself to Do The Work and produce more content. I’m excited to see what 2016 holds, and as always I’m so very thankful for the people, who read, share and comment on this blog.




4 thoughts on “200 POSTS LATER…

  1. cj

    Hey Adam,

    I’m based in the Philippines and I would just like to take time and let you know that your writings are blessings to me. I’m praying that God continue to bless you and move you to the works that He has laid for you.

    I’ve been following since 2015, and I was so glad I discovered your blog.

    I just wanted you to know that on some small island in the opposite of your place, someone’s praising God for His works in you.

    God bless you and your family!

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