Writers Block and Busy Schedules

It’s funny, even with this post I’m having a hard time getting the words down.

I haven’t blogged much (if at all) lately. The reason is a combination of writers block and schedule.

October has become over the last two years my busiest month at church and I came out of that into November with a bad case of writers block. If you were to look at my “drafts” section there are quite a few attempts at writing something that are still sitting there.

Then December hit and all the events and activities that comes along with it…

I’m hoping to restart the writing process big time in January but here’s a few random thoughts:

-Volunteer Worship Leaders often think how great it would be to be on staff at a church and all the time they’d have to prep and expand their ministry. That’s almost never the case. Most music ministers have to wear several other hats.

-Sometimes you hit rough seasons. I’ve been having a hard time writing. I feel like I’m coming out of the woods on that, but here’s the thing… all those rough drafts don’t discourage me. It’s good to keep pressing on. If you’re a songwriter and you’re songs haven’t been good lately, keep going, it’ll come back to you. If you’ve been having trouble connecting with people (friends, family, etc), keep working.

-Be realistic about your “output” or performance in ministry. Certain times of the year are just shot. When I lived in the UK, the whole country basically takes the month of August off. It just is, and you can’t change it, so why try. I never tried to plan any big event or ministry push during August. September was a different story. The same is true in December. One of the really cool things we’ve done this year is pretty much shut down everything but Sundays and Christmas events and I think we’ve been the better for it.


This won’t be the last post of 2014, but I wanted to check in because I know that (for some reason) there are people who read this blog and I haven’t been writing much.

For those who read and comment, thanks, it means so much 🙂



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