Brand Breakdown:

The Evil Twin of “The Electric”, the Brand Breakdown is meant to give an overview of the companies that make the gear we use. We’ll talk about everything from their standout products, to build quality, to whether I like their graphic design or not, and how it all applies to church musicians and music we make. 

THE RUNDOWN effects is one of the oldest and most respected effects pedal builders around. Part of their unique place in the guitar world is that they are also a dealer, selling other companies pedals as well as their own. Not content to stop there, Analog Mike and his team are also some of the most respected “moders” of effects pedals in the industry.


Every single pedal that produces is high quality. They don’t have a bad one in the bunch as near as I can tell. But by far, the standout is the King of Tone (see Review HERE). The dual overdrive is now legendary and with a wait time that can often exceed a year, they’re no impossible to find, but it’ll cost you.

Aside from the KoT and it’s Asian made little brother the Prince of Tone, is vintage recreator. Making modern versions of out of production pedals like the Ross and Squeezer compressors and vintage Fuzz circuits. These guys are top of the line. I personally love and recommend the Mini Bi-Comp and his Bi-Chorus is one of the few chorus pedals I’ve thought sounded good.

Out of his pedal mods, the modded Ibanez Tube Screamer has been found on the boards of players like the Edge and Kenny Wayne Shepherd as well as countless studio and touring players. His mod of any of your boss pedals will just make them better.

The Real World Worship Blog personally recommends:

-The King of Tone overdrive

-The Mini Bi-Comp compressor

THE ISSUES’s customer service is top notch, and so is the build quality. To me, the known issues are are found in the designs themselves. He’s making high quality pedals based largely off vintage designs. If you don’t like the old Rangemaster then you won’t like the Beano Boost. If you don’t like the Blue Breaker Circuit then avoid the King of Tone. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the pedals, but if they aren’t for you or you’re looking for something with more modern features then you just want something different.


Analog Mike and his company build high quality pedals, make other people’s pedals sound way better, and do it all with excellent customer service. Although I’ve only ever been one of countless customers, they’ve always been super cool to me and in a few cases where I’ve had technical questions they’ve been incredibly helpful. I highly recommend his pedals, his mods and his store.

Visit and see if there’s anything there that might help take your tone to the next level.


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