The Month Of Delay

For whatever reason, and whether you like it or not, the delay effect has become a sound synonymous with modern church music. Staples like Hillsong, Paul Baloche, and Chris Tomlin, along with newer voices like Gungor and John Mark McMillian all employ the delay affect to varying degrees in the music.

All through out the month of March, the Real World Worship blog is going to look at the delay effect. It’s uses and benefits in worship music. It’s pros and it’s cons. How to use it and mistakes to avoid.

You’ll see a lot of gear reviews of delay pedals, and summaries when I haven’t used a pedal enough to do a real review.

Hopefully this will be both helpful and interesting as we explore this effect. It’s often used, but it’s also often limited by how it’s been used in the past. A delay pedal can do much more than U2 covers, and we’ll see how.

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