Finding Maturity In Worship Ministry

My Pastor, Bill Walden, wrote a great post this week on his own blog that is worth sharing. Many of us deal with raising up new worship players and we struggle sometimes with people who have such great and genuine hearts to serve, but it seems like they can’t help but trip over themselves and others.

Bill’s post gives a great context for how these folks came to be where they are, and a road forward to bring them into maturity as they serve Jesus and his church.

Some of our readers may remember Bill’s 80’s Christian New Wave band Undercover and their song “God Rules”. A few months back I posted a pic of him in the worship band with the caption “leading worship tonight with the singer from Undercover.” I was pleasantly surprised to see how many Facebook friends of a certain Era were fans. I like to think I work for a rock star.

Check out his blog at and read his post HERE

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