Nobody Gets The Church They Want

Over at the 9Marks blog there’s an interesting post about giving up our preferences in church (read it HERE). While it was primarily written for pastors and church leaders, I felt the lessons for worship leaders was pretty obvious even before he used worship music as an example.

I’ve been in the band, and I’ve led the band. I’ve been a worship leader under another’s direction, and I’ve been the music director. I’ve seen both sides. I think for those of us who aren’t in a position to make decisions and set goals and vision, the challenge is to joyfully serve, try to catch the vision as best we can, and rejoice that the things we don’t like are being enjoyed by others. Whereas, for those of us in a position to make and effect changes, we always have to guard against setting up a church to our own tastes and stylistic preferences. Maybe you know that your church’s music and expression needs to move forward with the times, but that’s a broad scope. The hottest indie rock band is just as young and modern as One Direction or Taylor Swift. And the band’s you’ve never heard of are often just as creative as the anonymous producers behind forgettable Pop music.

It’s a conversation worth having again and again amongst ourselves, our worship community, and our leadership.

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