Some Thoughts On Monitor Mixes

Our friends over at the Worship Links blog have posted a link to a great piece on getting a monitor mix going for a worship band.

Getting a functional monitor mix is so important, we need to hear each other to play well together. But it can also be a really sore spot and a cause of contention between team members and the sound guy, and team members with each other. How can you get a good mix with out getting at each others throats?

Worship leader Andy Chrisman has some great thoughts on the process of getting your monitor mix.

I disagree with his point #4, love his points 2 and 3 and think his first point is interesting.

Let me know what you think?

Read the post from the Worship Links blog HERE

3 thoughts on “Some Thoughts On Monitor Mixes

  1. Zach Hedlund

    Coming from a low budget-small church, I can testify that you will never get the perfect monitor mix, especially out of monitors on the floor.
    Concerning Avioms, i see no problem with them. He is making a blanket statement that no one can make their own monitor mix and stick with it throughout a set. I can see how it would effect some people negatively though. If you’re too obsessed with “the perfect mix” then you not want to use an aviom. I think #4 is more personal and flexible and can change according to different people situations.

    1. Hey Zach,

      I agree about the blanket statement. It may be what works at his church, but that’s why I started this blog. He’s serving at a large, multi-site church. A church like yours or mine won’t have their issues, but he also won’t have ours. I think there’s some good stuff in there, but we just have to filter out the stuff that doesn’t apply.

      Thanks for commenting

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