Praying For Those In Chains


We never get political on this blog. We write about leading worship, and music, and guitars and stuff.

But of the many christians who are persecuted and in chains for the name of Christ around the world, today there is a special effort for one man: Saeed Abedini. Saeed is a pastor from Calvary Chapel in Boise, Idaho. He was born in Iran, and came to faith under amazing circumstances. He eventually came to the United States, married an American woman, became a citizen, making his home and raising his family in Boise. Sometime later God called Saeed to go back to his home country.  He was there on a mission trip to build an orphanage when he was arrested and placed in prison. You can read about the horrible things he is suffering for Jesus HERE.

Worship is more than just singing songs. I encourage you to take some time and honor Jesus in worship this morning by doing the following:

-Pray for Pastor Saeed. That he would be bold with the gospel in chains. That Jesus would set the captives free. That God would restore his health. That God would keep him safe. That he would be filled by God the Spirit with all of the fruits and gifts he needs for his ministry.

-Pray for his wife and two small children. That they would be comforted. That they would be bold with the gospel. That they would see their husband and father again, safe, and soon.

-Take time to work on Saeed’s behalf as an act of worship to Jesus.

-All over Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/etc today, people are posting Saeeds picture and using the hashtags #FreeSaeed and #SaveSaeed

-I have emailed the President, the Vice-President, both of my Senators, and my member of Congress.

You can email the White House HERE. You can find your Senators HERE. You can find your representative HERE.


“I needed clothes and you clothed me,

I was sick and you looked after me,


Matthew 25:36

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