The Electric: Black Friday

Hope all our American readers are having a great Thanksgiving.

Black Friday is kind of a horrible thing in a way. Every year people take time that would be better spent with family and friends and camp out in front of Walmart, Target, and other stores to save a few bucks on things that won’t last.

That being said, there’s some great deals out there for guitar players.

Most online stores are running sales from now until Monday. Most seem to be either giving 15-20% off or custom paint jobs for the

MojoHand FX is running their sale with the code STOREWIDE (ALL CAPS)

JHS Pedals is running their sale with the code BLACKFRIDAY

Matthew Effects (who by all accounts make a pretty decent Klon clone) is running 20% with no code required.

Walrus Audio have specially designed casing and purchases enter you to win a special 3 in 1 pedal.

Pro Guitar Shop and Guitar Center are both running 15% off deals.

If you were looking for a new piece of gear, then this is a good time to find a deal.

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