Worship Without Music


We need new words for things. One of those things is Song Worship. As a culture in the West we have limited worship to singing and singing related activities.  I’ve heard bass players, and soundmen and overhead slide operators all complain about how they can’t “worship” when they serve in those capacities. Music and Song is only one small way that we as christians worship Jesus.

As worship leaders, we need to be active in teaching and modeling a lifestyle of worship that is much bigger than the music of the church. This blog entry from Saddleback Church in California has some great, practical thoughts on ways to worship God, no music required.

Check it out HERE

2 thoughts on “Worship Without Music

  1. Yes, JSNMIN is all about teaching the church its purpose — true worship. We, as believers in Christ, can and should be worshiping in everything we say and do. Our attitude must be one of worship to accomplish this task. Worship is certainly more than a song. 🙂 Thank you for this post.

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