Worship Provides Us With The Chance To Love Another

Whether you know it or not, music in the church has a long history of being a contentious subject. Younger generations think they’ve finally figured it out. Older generations forget that all the complaints they make about the young worship leaders were made about them when they were that age. Is the music of the church “worldly” or “sacred”. Did you know that all of the “church instruments” from the acoustic guitar, to the piano, to the pipe organ to the church singing all at once were at one time or another considered “worldly” or “corrupt”?

Coming together in song to worship our Savior provides us a great opportunity to obey the command to “love one another”  (John 13:34 and 1 John 3:18). A baby boomer hates the hymns that are enjoyed by the older and younger parts of the church. A younger christian may not get the songs of their parents generation. But what a wonderful act of love to say: “I’m not getting this, but I see someone else around me is, Praise God”, and then the next week the roles are reversed. Let’s end the worship wars, and see the very things we fight over as another chance to worship Jesus outside of song in loving submission to each other.

Below is a link to an article in Christianity Today by Ed Stetzer on the history of Musical Conflicts in the church. It’s a worthwhile read. Here’s what I took from it:

-Music has always been contentious

-What one generation rejects, another will embrace

-There are a lot of different expressions that are equally biblical to worship God

-We should all have a lot more grace for each other

-Worship Leaders should do all they can to foster a culture of love, grace, and mutual submission to love one another.

Here’s the article. Enjoy

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