“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven– Eccl. 3:1”

To everything there is a season the Bible tells us. What season is your church in? What seasons is the music ministry in? What season are you in?

It’s good, helpful and wise to recognize where you are. We are ramping up for a new season at Calvary:Arlington. Traditionally churches follow the school year more than the calendar year. I’m currently on vacation myself from both my work and church jobs, as are many in the Western World. American’s may take 3 months off school in the summer but August is peak travel time, and I know that the UK basically takes the whole month off. Then September comes.

There are two “ramp up” Seasons in the average church’s year: September and January. This doesn’t mean that nothing happens the rest of the year or that God somehow works more in those two months and less in the other two months, but there is nothing spiritual about ignoring the ebb and flow that our culture follows.

We are about to enter a season where I hope to add more people to our Worship Community. I’m hoping to bring in more musicians who haven’t played with us before. I’m hoping to better administrate and lead our Community. I’m hoping to have a much less painless transition into christmas and christmas carols than we have in years past. Then we’ll ramp up again in January.

That’s the season we are in administratively, but I also want to be aware of the general season we are in as a church. We are just a couple of months from our 1 year anniversary. We started our meetings as a church plant in November. We had our 1st Sunday Morning in December. The past 9 months or so we have been establishing our worship Community. That was the season we were in. Now I feel like we are in a new season in which I have two goals.

1. Adding to our Community as I expressed above.

2. Creating a sense of culture and identity.

I feel like the second goal is something that Calvary:Arlington is going through in general but that the WC has a great part in shaping. We are working on “our songs” and “our expression”. We are trying to make it so that the songs we do on Sunday morning are familiar enough to be done around a camp fire or at a worship night w/o the overheads.

I want the ministry I lead to be intentional in our service and we cannot be intentional if we don’t know what season we are in. What season are you in? How does that affect you, your ministry and your church? Only you, and your leadership can answer that as you listen to what the Holy Spirit leads but being aware of seasons helps to lead us to ask and seek God for the right things to begin with.

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