Saturday Night Musings.

It’s Saturday night.

I’ll be leading worship at church tomorrow before making the 2hr drive to my parents to celebrate Father’s Day. My Dad Jim passed away when I was 13 but left a legacy of faith in Jesus, love for my mom and us boys, and desire to be a man of God. My mom remarried, and I’ve never called my Dad Brian ‘step-anthing”. He was the man God raised up to stand in the gap and love a a hurting wife and 3 sons. We never felt like we were anything less than his boys, and never felt like he was doing anything less than trying to honor the legacy of Jim.

Now I’m a dad. My own son was born 7 weeks ago tomorrow. Will I leave the same legacy both my dad’s have given me? My mother doesn’t even know her father’s name. It makes me think about how many kids are born without fathers. How many fathers leave and abandon their family and their vows made before God and man. How many father’s are there physically but checked out emotionally. How many fathers make the games and birthdays but have no relationship or destroy what little relationship they have in their wrath and anger.

I’ve been very blessed. i hope to give the same blessings to my son. I hope to be part of calling men in my church to do the same.

Something to think about. The statistics vary but something like 90% of the time, the whole family will follow Jesus if the father does, compared to 20-30% of the time if the mother is leading the home spiritually. The least likely guy to go to church is a guy in his 20’s. This guy (and this is just my experience, no stats) is also the most likely to have a father like the ones I described above: Checked out or never there.

Something to think about when we decide what songs and style of music to do in our worship expression.

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