Random Thoughts

-If people come to hear the pastor preach, then what’s wrong with them coming to hear the band play?

-How many sermons have been preached about what “worship music is” by preachers who don’t know anything about music and who come in after the song worship is done?

-When you get up instead of sleeping in on Sunday: That is worship

-My pastor asked me to do a song I wouldn’t have picked. He doesn’t do it often and i really hated it he’d listen to my reasons, but it’s good for me to submit, especially this week where I’m feeling feisty.

-Its good to do songs you don’t like sometimes if it serves the people of God
-When you put the cash in the offering box that is often a greater acting of worship then any song you’ll sing that morning.

-Someone asked me once if the band Kutless was punk rock… They aren’t.

-We worship God with our minds when we listen to a sermon and with our whole strength when we choose to follow what the bible says.

-Read Revelation 5 as a worship service. It’s been heavy on my mind the last few days.

-if you’re the music director do you have a “direction” or just a vision for the status quo.

-I love reverb. More reverb.

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. jaytaylormusic

    Hey, really enjoyed the kutless comment. I laughed out loud. Also, I feel you on the aspect of submitting. Because I’m the worship leader at our church, I’ve allowed my self to be placed under my pastor’s guidance. Every time I disagree with my pastor on a certain topic or choice, it turns out well and I’m glad Iistened to his suggestion. I’m reminded how blessed I am to have a prayerful pastor leading our church. Keep up the good work.

  2. Yeah, it’s a true story…they were looking for music for their kid 🙂

    Submission is hard, but good, better to bow willingly then have you’re hip broken. (Genesis 32)

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