Tomorrow is the last Sunday I will lead worship most likely until June.

I’m handing things over to the other band leaders at C:A while we wait for the birth of my son. I’m thankful that our young church has the depths most church plants don’t when it comes worship leaders. I’m thankful for the diversity they bring, and I’m excited for the next couple months when they will learn and grow in the gifts God has given them.

But I was reminded this morning as I was thinking about the next few months that even though I won’t be leading the church in worship, I won’t stop worshiping, and this is the important point.

Personal worship of Jesus won’t cease. I will sing to the Lord in my car, at work, and wherever else i feel led and have the opportunity.

I will worship Jesus by loving and serving my wife and soon my son. I will worship Jesus by working hard to provide for them in the days leading up to the birth and when I go back to work a few weeks later. I will will worship Jesus when I take my family to church and sing with the congregation while my friends lead worship.

Worship should not cease when a worship leader isn’t worshiping, in the same way that worship shouldn’t cease when we leave church on Sunday afternoon.

It’ll be an exciting time in the near future for my family, and I praise God for the blessings He has given me.

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